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BEAM from IVS makes recording and managing mobile video content easier than ever. Our application gives users an easy way to capture and live stream events on the go as they happen. The BEAM application fully integrates with our flagship VALT software providing the users with a secure, scalable mobile video management solution. BEAM allows users to leverage iPads and iPhones as mobile video endpoints while VALT can manage IP cameras and encoders as fixed video endpoints.


High Definition Video

Record in resolutions up to 1080p using either the front or rear camera. Use the built-in microphone or add a discrete iOS compatible microphone.

Ease of Use

The mobile capture application is easy to deploy and use. The video management and sharing can be completely automated using our back end VALT application.

Mobile Video Capture 

Users can record video anywhere with BEAM using the built-in iOS device camera and microphone. The Video is tagged using the same information the user would see if they were logged into our VALT software application. Things like name and session type can be captured and associated with the video during the recording process.

When using BEAM in an offline capture mode all the video and information is stored locally on the iOS device. Once that device is connected to a wireless network that has access to the VALT server the video and information are automatically uploaded to the central server, making the entire process automated.  


The BEAM application can be set to upload captured videos either automatically or on-demand.

Capture Content Anywhere

Easily capture video content from any iPad or iPhone using BEAM.

Wireless Streaming

BEAM has two modes offline for mobile video capture and streaming. The BEAM streaming mode essentially turns the iOS device into a wireless camera and microphone. When in streaming mode the recording and annotations are all controlled by the VALT software. The streaming mode allows users to capture events in areas that are not outfitted with fixed cameras. When in streaming mode multiple cameras can be grouped together so the iOS device could be used to provide a different camera angle or vantage point in an existing area. When paired with other cameras or encoders all the video will be synchronized from a live observation and recording perspective.

Live Streaming

Stream audio and video from designated iOS devices in real time. When in streaming mode the IOS device is controlled completely through the VALT software client.

Camera Grouping

Group your iOS device with other cameras, encoders, or other iOS devices into a single room. When devices are grouped together they are synchronized during both observation and review.

Security and Compliance

BEAM, in combination with VALT, has been designed to provide users with an easy and automated way to securely capture, archive, and manage video. User permissions are strictly controlled within the VALT application. BEAM syncs with the user data stored within the VALT software. The same usernames along with PIN codes can be used to access the Beam application. For sensitive data applications where video export is a concern, iOS devices can be placed in a kiosk mode. While in kiosk mode users are locked to the BEAM application restricting access to the iOS devices other functions and making it very difficult to remove any data or content from the device.

User Permissions

Synchronize user permission data with VALT. Only assigned users will have access to the device once videos are recorded and automatically uploaded. Once uploaded, only authorized users will be able to access your recordings.

Kiosk Mode

Further secure the iOS device by placing it in a kiosk mode. Limited the use of the device to BEAM help secure the device and the recordings temporarily stored on it.