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Introducing Beam
Intelligent Video Solutions already features some of the industry’s best video observation and capture software with our Valt system, but did you know you can take Valt with you, wherever you go?

Secure Video Recording

Beam communicates over a secure channel using industry-leading encryption protocols

Valt Server Integration

Beam instantly updates your video library with recorded counseling sessions. 

Multi-Device Support

Beam is easily installed on any iOS device, including iPads and iPhones.


Counselors can record therapy sessions on-the-go, as Beam is as portable as your mobile device.

Audio-video recording of counseling and therapy sessions has been on the rise and is, indeed, recommended by a large number of therapists. Also for many of the counseling educational programs it is mandatory for students to participate in recorded sessions as part of the curriculum.


Counseling Session Video Recorder

Intelligent Video Solutions already offers Valt, a powerful video solution for recording therapy sessions. We have recently made Valt even more powerful, however, by developing the Beam application — an app that allows you to video record therapy sessions anywhere, at any time.

Beam is perfect for therapists and counselors who often conduct sessions away from the main office or clinic. Beam turns your phone or tablet into a mobile recording studio, while maintaining the stringent security and encryption of the Valt video system.

Beam supplies each video recording with detailed metadata, enabling easy lookup in the video library and simple categorization. Patients or counselors can annotate each video session with notes, a particularly helpful feature when recording therapy sessions.

What is the Beam Mobile Video Recording App?


Beam is an iOS application, easy to install on any iOS device, making therapy session video capture simple. Unlike traditional iPhone or iPad video recording, which requires users to manage their own video content, Beam syncs automatically with the Valt server, automating all video cataloging and storage.

Beam also supports live streaming — any authorized user can log in with a Valt-supported browser and view live therapy sessions over a secure connection. Video content created by Beam is fully encrypted, and the stringent user authentication systems employed by the Valt system ensure that only authorized people have access the video library.


The recording of behavioral therapy sessions has a positive effect on the recall and reflections of patients. Therapy sessions are times when patients often unplug, self-focus, and seek insights. The very nature of this type of environment often makes later recall and analysis difficult.

Patients have tried, in the past, to remedy this by taking notes, but the act of note taking detracts from the value of the therapy session. Note taking tends to transform the therapy session from a mutual labor to something more akin to a professor’s lecture, with the patient taking the role of the note-taking student.

Using Beam video as a cooperative learning tool eliminates these problems. Perfect recordings of therapy sessions can be made, without interrupting the participants or negatively impacting the session’s mood. Both counselor and patient can view the recordings at any time, helping to foster insightful, corrective experiences. Watching recorded video between sessions can also help patients recall and analyze the discussions that were had, thereby improving the effectiveness of subsequent therapy sessions.

Beam video isn’t only valuable for patients — it is also a powerful tool for counselors and therapists. Beam can be used to create recordings of counseling sessions to observe the supervisory quality and accuracy of the therapists themselves.

Intelligent Video Solutions can create custom kits for any counselor, containing additional features to solve any recording obstacle and customize the video recording experience.

Beam is available for iPad, iPad-Mini, and iPhone via the App Store, or you can learn more by contacting
us at sales@ipivs.com