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Introducing Beam
Intelligent Video Solutions already features some of the industry’s best video observation and capture software with our Valt system, but did you know you can take Valt with you, wherever you go?

Secure Video Recording

Beam employs state-of-the-art encryption to communicate over a secure channel.

Valt Server Integration

Recordings of simulations are integrated with the central server and instantly available in your video library.

Multi-Device Support

Beam is easily installed on any iOS device, including iPads and iPhones.


You can record with Beam anywhere you can bring your device.

The new Beam application from IVS turns any iPad or iPhone into a secure mobile recording platform. Officers and department officials can record video anywhere, at any time.


Police departments all across the country have been turning to IVS to provide digital video solutions for recording police interviews and interrogations. Interview rooms equipped with our Valt system have helped law enforcement agencies improve the accuracy and quality of their video recordings, but we have taken it one step further — now Valt is portable and always available, even when officers are in the field.

The new Beam application from IVS turns any iPad or iPhone into a secure mobile recording platform. Officers and department officials can record video anywhere, at any time. Think about the power of this tool — officers use this type of mobile video capture to conduct on-the-spot interviews, take depositions, and capture video evidence, all with just an iPhone or iPad. The recorded video is integrated with the existing Valt server at the department, thus maintaining security and compliance standards.

What is the Beam Application from IVS?


Beam is an iOS application from IVS that departments can install on any iOS device, such as an iPhone. Beam allows officers to record police interviews off-site and in offline mode, but it also supports live video streaming with the existing Valt system.


Unlike independent iOS video capture, Beam automates mobile video management, such as managing all recorded videos, assigning metadata to each recording, and seamless sync with the Valt server. Video capture with Beam is fully encrypted, and user authentication systems ensure only authorized users can view recorded video.


Many law-enforcement agencies already use some form of mobile video recorder. Beam, however, takes it to the next level of ability and convenience. Once installed, the Beam app transforms any iOS device your department uses into a securely-connected video recording portal. This portal automatically syncs with your Valt server, eliminating time-consuming annotation and cataloging of recorded video.

Stored videos are easy to find and review. There is no need to search through storage devices or recording units — everything is stored on the central Valt server for easy access. IVS can even create custom kits for your department, with extra accessories singled out to solve any recording obstacle and augment the audio-visual recording experience.

The power of the Beam mobile video application for law enforcement is compelling — officers in the field are no longer hamstrung by minutiae while conducting interviews or taking statements — instead able to immediately capture top-quality audio and video, or use live streaming to give others a clear view in real time. Officers need not be technically proficient — Beam automates it all, enabling officers to get back to work.

Beam is available for iPad, iPad-Mini, and iPhone via the App Store, or you can learn more by contacting
us at sales@ipivs.com