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Introducing Beam
Intelligent Video Solutions already features some of the industry’s best video observation and capture software with our Valt system, but did you know you can take Valt with you, wherever you go?

Secure Video Recording

Beam communicates over a fully-encrypted and secure channel. 

Valt Server Integration

Interviews recorded with Beam are automatically integrated with the Valt server and instantly available in your video library. 

Multi-Device Support

Beam can be installed on any iOS device, including iPads and iPhones.


Beam is as portable as your device, letting you record mobile video anywhere, at any time. 

The Beam app from IVS turns any iPhone or iPad into an emergency responder video recording tool. Users can capture video anywhere, at any time, with the video uploaded directly to a Valt server, helping maintain both compliance and security standards.


Emergency Response Video Recording Tool

Video recordings of emergency incidents and mass casualty events are widely used to document evidence and record testimonies, as well as for later analyzation and training. Recording video during an emergency event is challenging — emergency responders understandably have much higher priorities in such situations. However, failure to capture accurate video of mass casualty scenes or emergency incidents deprives medical and emergency response organizations of a powerful tool.

Intelligent Video Solutions has made recording mobile video extremely easy with our powerful Beam application for iOS. We already supply our flagship Valt video solution to hospitals and clinics around the country, but with Beam we have taken the power and convenience of video for medical professionals to the next level.

What is the Beam App from IVS?

What is the Beam App from IVS?

Simply stated, the Beam application turns any iPhone or iPad into a hand-held iOS video capture platform. Beam handles the prosaic functions of recording video — cataloging, annotation, metadata, encryption, storage, and integration are all done automatically. Beam video is seamlessly integrated with the Valt server and stored in the video library for easy categorization and lookup. Responders in the field do not need to waste valuable time when there is more important work to be done — Beam makes recording video during an emergency response as simple as point and click.

Beam can operate in offline mode — where responders can use video to record simulated mass casualty incidents for later documentation, analysis, and to improve training. Beam also contains streaming video capture software, allowing for real-time video direct from the incident site, viewable to any authorized persons with access to the Valt server.


With the rapid improvements in video recording technology used in business, government, and individual applications, medical professionals are recognizing the importance of improving their agencies’ capabilities of using video to assist in medical emergencies.

Despite the wide availability of video equipment and capabilities, many medical institutions have found gathering and analyzing video information to be very cumbersome. Video recordings come from a large number of different devices, with differing systems, players, formats, yet the ability of emergency responders to properly catalog, secure, archive, and maintain the video’s value and integrity is critical to professional medical institutions.

Beam is available for iPad, iPad-Mini, and iPhone via the App Store, or you can learn more by contacting
us at sales@ipivs.com