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Product Features


Searchable Data

Tag video sessions with information and notes. This makes sorting, categorizing and searching your video database easy.


Standard Video Format

The VALT software records video in a standard MP4 format. As soon as the session is complete it is ready to be burned to DVD or saved to a flash drive, and the video files can be played back on any computer without special software or codecs.


Searchable Database

Start and stop recording with the push of a button or the swipe of a RFID card reader. The system also integrates LEDs providing a visual indicator as to when a recording is active.


Full Developer API

Our software comes with a full REST API allowing customers and resellers to extend the reach of our video platform.

VALT for Market and Consumer Research Video Recording

More and more companies are using video technology as a solution for the measurement and analysis of consumer behavior. Video solutions allow companies to advance their product development, research, training, and education. Viewing and recording consumer groups for market research provides more accurate research and often shortens product development cycles, saving companies time and money.

The VALT solution from IVS is a state-of-the-art, yet inexpensive solution for analyzing and recording consumer behaviors. VALT uses the best in IP camera technology and audio equipment to create top-quality video. The VALT system is fully scalable — suitable for small, one-room installations or large deployments encompassing dozens of focus groups and meetings simultaneously.

VALT Video Equipment for Recording Consumer Behavioral Studies

VALT is an innovative hardware and software solution for consumer behavior analysis. VALT uses a central server to which all video is routed, eliminating the need for bulky audio video equipment in each room. VALT uses both fixed and movable point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, and multiple cameras may be employed in each room, providing video from any desired angle. The cameras are paired with auto-gaining microphones that eliminate hum and background noise, ensuring crisp, clear audio.

Video can be started and stopped remotely, or by switches placed in each room. Additionally, the optional “talkback” feature allows a remote viewer to communicate with interviewers and researchers in the room in real-time, a powerful tool to augment a research session without physical interruption.

Our standard market research recording equipment installation provides storage space for around 16,000 hours of high-definition video, though requirements for additional storage can be easily met. All video content is fully encrypted, and comprehensive user rights management and authentication requirements ensure that access to recorded video is restricted to allowed persons only.

Recording Market Research Studies and Focus Groups Off-Site

An extremely popular tool among companies is our Beam mobile capture application. Using nothing more than a smartphone or tablet we are able to remotely record focus group sessions and more importantly, manage those recordings in an automated fashion after they are captured. Beam is also great for off-site video recording. In an off-site scenario, your tablet or smartphone becomes a mobile video recorder and seamlessly reintegrates with the main VALT server. This powerful feature allows companies to conduct and record market research sessions at remote locations with little preparation time required.

Software for Recording and Analysing Consumer Behavior

VALT video records in standard MP4 format and is viewable by any authorized person using a common Internet browser. The VALT consumer behavior observation and recording software is extremely easy to use, with little to no user training required. Video sessions are immediately available for review, with no lag-time associated with formatting or video rendering.

Companies may opt for a complete turnkey solution from IVS, which can be easily implemented by internal IT departments or third-party integrators. IVS works closely with each company to ensure a fully successful integration of the VALT video system. Learn why IVS is a leader in market research video technology. Contact us to request a quote or schedule a demonstration of the VALT video system.

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