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Clinical Skills

Clinical Skills
Clinical Skills Recording
Improve your clinical skills training and assessment process with our simple yet secure video observation, recording, and review software solution. Click the play button to learn more.
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Recording Solution for Clinical Skills Training

Clinical skills training is an essential part of many clinical education programs, and integrating audio video capture and observation technology optimizes staff resources and accelerates the ability of student clinicians to provide care while increasing patient satisfaction. IVS is a market leader in this technology with VALT (Video Audio Learning Tool).

Students learn at a faster rate, with access to better coaching and analysis of work from instructors. They can view “best use” examples from a video library where their progress can be validated and documented. The IVS solution incorporates the latest technologies in video observation and capture, making it attractive to students who are seeking out programs that have access to the best technology.

Staff members are able to do more with less with the ability to observe live sessions and video recordings from any location on the network. They can share progress and gain insight from fellow staff members quickly and easily. The VALT solution lowers acquisition and support costs by bringing everything to the network, providing a flexible solution with less hardware and fewer physical connections, and freeing up observation rooms to be converted into additional therapy rooms.

HD Camera Support

High-quality, cost-effective HD cameras to meet any challenge. We can capture and stream HD content at resolutions beyond 1080p, integrating with cameras up to 4k resolution.

Multi View

Quickly change views from single camera to 2×2 to 3×3. Users are able to observe up to nine rooms simultaneously.


VALT is one of the most advanced and reliable video recording applications available. It features robust enterprise components built on top of a hardened Linux operating system and a proven application stack to minimize points of failure.

Browser Interface

Our easy-to-use intuitive browser-based software works on Mac, PC, and mobile devices. This allows users to debrief and observe videos from any authorized device and simplifies deployment.

LDAP Integration

Completely automate the user management process by automatically importing LDAP users into the system. Users keep their same network login information to access our system while being assigned to the proper VALT user group.


Enterprise class video engine can support up to 500 concurrent remote connections. Multiple users watching live or recorded video will not cause any performance issues for our systems.

Speech Language Pathology

Click on the play button to find out how TWU is leveraging VALT to record speech language pathology sessions. Learn More >

Psychology Training

Click on the play button to find out how USC is leveraging VALT to record student/patient psychology sessions.  Learn More >

Integration & Features

The VALT solution is an incredibly simple but powerful tool that can be learned in minutes. Basic observation and recording tasks are often picked up intuitively without the need for any extensive training or technical support. Our interface minimizes complexity and points of failure so that your recording system is always there when you need it for critical educational tasks.

Deployment is also a breeze while maintaining enterprise-level features. VALT utilizes a browser-based client, so no software or plug-ins are required. Our user management and security/permission structure make it easy to keep video segmented by departments or ensure sensitive patient data is always secured. With VALT you can scale to any number of cameras and users all while incurring no per client license structures or budget-crushing annual maintenance contracts.

Camera Grouping

Group multiple cameras or encoders together into a single room. Grouped cameras start recording together and are enabled for synchronized playback.


Faculty can provide feedback or coaching into any room with the “talkback” feature, often transmitted privately into a wireless earpiece worn by the student clinician.


Tag specific points within a recording with searchable descriptions, either during live observation or during the review process, enabling users to easily jump to specific points in a video, similar to chapters in a DVD.

MP4 File Format

Our system records in a standard MP4 file format. Videos are ready to be exported as soon as you press stop and no additional rendering or re-encoding time is required. Videos can easily be shared with other individuals without the need for proprietary players.

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Beam for Mobile Recording

Mobile recording is often a requirement in clinical skills applications. IVS developed Beam as a solution for two specific customer needs. Customers wanted the ability to record videos in the field, keeping them secure until uploaded into the main system, and they wanted to be able to have mobile “live” cameras on premises that could be used where there were no permanently installed cameras. Beam solves both of these needs with ease.

Beam turns any iPad or iPhone into a secure mobile recording platform. Users are able to easily launch and notate their recordings in the field. The Beam iOS application integrates seamlessly with VALT, automating the management process for any videos recorded using Beam.

Capture Content Anywhere

Easily capture and stream video content from any iOS device.

HD Video Capture

Record in resolutions up to 1080p using either the front or rear camera.


The Beam application can be set to upload captured videos either automatically or on-demand.

Ease of Use

The mobile capture application is easy to deploy and use. The video management and sharing can be completely automated using our back end VALT application.

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