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 VALT for Research
VALT for Research
Improve your medical/behavioral or product-testing research with our user-friendly video observation, recording, coding, and management solution. Click play to learn more or contact us for pricing information or to schedule a live demonstration of our system.
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Research with VALT

Quickly and easily view, record, code, and manage video events with VALT. VALT is a complete hardware and software solution that lets you capture high-quality audio and HD video using IP cameras, without the need for extensive IT support. Research organizations are deploying VALT to create a powerful, agile, and customizable video recording system for medical/behavioral research facilities, focus groups, product testing, user experience development, and usability testing.

The VALT solution is an incredibly simple but powerful tool that can be learned in minutes. Basic observation and recording tasks are often picked up intuitively without the need for any extensive training or technical support. VALT has excellent reporting capabilities, allowing researchers to easily code their recordings, making it ideal for research groups to share data. Our interface minimizes complexity and points of failure so that your recording system is always there when you need it for your research recording and streaming applications.

HD Camera Support

High-quality, cost-effective HD cameras to meet any challenge. We can capture and stream HD content at resolutions beyond 1080p, integrating with cameras up to 4k resolution.

Searchable Data

Tag video sessions with information and notes, making it easy to sort, categorize, and search your video database.

Multi View

Quickly change views from single camera to 2×2 to 3×3. Users are able to observe up to nine rooms simultaneously.

Browser Based Client

Our easy-to-use intuitive browser-based software works on Mac, PC, and mobile devices. This allows users to debrief and observe videos from any authorized device and simplifies deployment.


VM-friendly software supports up to 50 cameras on a single IVS appliance. Easily manage hundred of cameras with a single software instance by chaining multiple servers together.

LDAP Integration

Completely automate the user management process by automatically importing LDAP users into the system. Users keep their same network login information to access our system while being assigned to the proper VALT user group.

Integration & Features

Using the system can be as easy as pressing a button or scheduling a recording session in advance. Deployment is also a breeze; VALT utilizes a browser-based client, so no software or plug-ins are required. Our user management and security/permission structure make it easy to keep video segmented by departments or clients thus keeping any confidential data secured. VALT’s reporting capabilities are simple and easy, making coding intuitive and understandable. With VALT you can scale to any number of cameras and users all while incurring no per client license structures or budget-crushing annual maintenance contracts.

Camera Grouping

Group multiple cameras or encoders together into a single room. Grouped cameras start recording together and are enabled for synchronized playback.

Button & LED

Start and stop recording with the push of a button or the swipe of a RFID card reader. The system also integrates LEDs providing a visual indicator as to when a recording is active.

HDMI Encoder

VALT integrates seamlessly with third-party HDMI encoding hardware, allowing users to capture laptop/PC content such as vital monitors or PowerPoint presentations and automatically pair and synchronize it with video cameras.


Users can schedule recordings in advance, including on a recurring basis – daily, weekly, or monthly – allowing for complete automation of the recording process. Point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras can be automatically repositioned to an area of interest at the beginning of any scheduled recording(s).

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Beam for Mobile Video Research

Research professionals can record video in the field or anywhere not outfitted with a fixed camera with Beam, our IVS add-on application that integrates seamlessly with our VALT system. Beam turns any iPad or iPhone into a secure mobile recording platform. Video recorded using the Beam-enabled iOS devices are automatically securely uploaded to the main server whenever the devices are in range. This completely automates the management process for any videos recorded using Beam while maintaining all the organizational and data security structure.

Capture Content Anywhere

Easily capture and stream video content from any iOS device.

HD Video Capture

Record in resolutions up to 1080p using either the front or rear camera.


The Beam application can be set to upload captured videos either automatically or on-demand.

Ease of Use

The mobile capture application is easy to deploy and use. The video management and sharing can be completely automated using our back end VALT application.

Powerful Data Coding

Tag video sessions with information and notes, making it easy for individual users and teams to sort, code, categorize, and search your video database.

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