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Product Features

HD PTZ Camera Support

HD PTZ Camera Support

Control high-definition pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras through our software interface using a mouse. The VALT software can also create or jump to predefined positions called “presets” when our system is paired with PTZ enabled cameras.

Beam Mobile Recording

Beam Mobile Recording

Use the Beam application to turn any iOS device into a mobile capture platform that integrates seamlessly with the back end VALT application. 

Camera Grouping

Camera Grouping

Group multiple cameras or encoders together into a single room. Grouped cameras start recording together and playback together in a synchronized fashion.

Encoder Support

Encoder Support

The software integrates seamlessly with third-party encoding hardware. This allows us to capture content from different sources such as vital monitors or computers running medical software and automatically pair and synchronize it with video cameras.

Recording Solutions for Patient Safety Education and Simulation Learning

Medical student training has traditionally been hands-on, an indispensable part of training. However, medical professionals are increasingly worried about the safety of patients during such training. As a result, simulation learning has increasingly been replacing some of that hands-on training with real patients. Video recording of these simulations is an important part of the technology package that makes this training effective and safe.

Medical simulation technology with digital video lets students and providers learn, practice, and repeat procedures as often as necessary in order to correct mistakes and hone their skills, without compromising the safety of real patients. Patient safety has rapidly risen to the top of the healthcare policy agenda, and this demand has forced programs to adopt simulation-based medical education to fill these needs.

Simulation is an important solution to the challenges of patient safety, allowing enhanced and more effective professional education, with reduced safety risks for real patients. The difficulty has been Integrating simulation into traditional medical student education programs, a problem that is easily solved by using video to record patient safety and simulation sessions.

IVS offers a easy and powerful inexpensive solution — the VALT video system for observing and recording patient safety simulations. The VALT system can support any number of cameras and microphones, eliminating the need to have an actual human observer present at all times. Instructors can also watch the video feed in real-time and give feedback to students during the simulation.

VALT Video Recording Equipment for Patient Safety and Simulation

VALT uses a central server to process and store all video content, so there is no obstructive video equipment present. All that is required in each room are our extremely portable and lightweight IP cameras, paired with high-quality auto-gaining microphones that eliminate hum and background noise.

We work with a range of IP cameras that can be both fixed or moveable, and multiple cameras may be placed in each room to provide several different viewing angles. Video can be started and stopped instantly from within the room itself, or by a remote observer.

Instructors and students can view patient safety simulation sessions at any time using nothing more than a internet browser. A standard Valt installation holds storage space for around 16,000 hours of high-def video though larger installs are available if needed. Each session is tagged with metadata, making it easy to build a video library of training sessions and to look up individual video segments.

VALT Software for Patient Simulation Training

Video for recording patient simulation training is rendered in standard MP4 format and uses h.264 compression, minimizing demands on the network and ensuring recorded video is immediately available for viewing, with no lag time due to rendering.

The VALT video software supports a “talkback” feature, which lets remote instructors talk in real-time during the medical simulation to students equipped with earbuds. “Talkback” is a great way to correct or reinforce students’ behaviors during the simulation.

Off-Site Patient Simulation Recording

The VALT IP cameras and microphones are extremely lightweight and portable and easy to set up quickly anywhere, making it easy to record patient safety simulations off-site. In addition, our Beam mobile capture app records video remotely using a just a smartphone or tablet, and this video automatically syncs with your existing video library.

IVS can provide a complete turnkey solution that can be implemented by any internal IT department or by a third-party integrator. IVS works closely with all of our customers to ensure a successful installation of the VALT video system. Contact us at IVS to schedule a product demonstration or to request a quote.

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