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Introducing Beam
Intelligent Video Solutions already features some of the industry’s best video observation and capture software with our Valt system, but did you know you can take Valt with you, wherever you go?

Secure Video Recording

Beam employs state-of-the-art encryption to communicate over a secure channel.

Valt Server Integration

Recordings of simulations are integrated with the central server and instantly available in your video library.

Multi-Device Support

Beam is easily installed on any iOS device, including iPads and iPhones.


You can record with Beam anywhere you can bring your device.

Teaching strategies that use video recordings have become an important part of cooperative learning. Video allows the students or trainees to see and reflect upon their work, formulate plans for skill augmentation, and identify areas that need improvement.

Field Simulation Mobile Recorder

Field Simulation Mobile Recorder

Video is a powerful tool to help universities and other institutions engage students and trainees with active learning techniques. One such technique, field simulation exercises, is used by medical and nursing departments around the country, as well as police, EMS, fire, and first responders, in order to fully prepare people for situations they may encounter in the field.

Video use is indispensable in such active learning labs — and Intelligent Video Solutions has made video recording of field simulations even easier with our new Beam iOS video recording app.

What is the Beam Application from IVS?

What is the Beam Application from IVS?

Beam is an iOS application that can be easily installed on any iOS device, including iPhones and iPads. Beam effectively turns your device into an iOS video capture platform, without any of the hassles of video formatting and uploading. With Beam, video is automatically formatted and synced to the main server, fully encrypted and protected by stringent user authentication protocols.

Beam provides each high-definition video recording with metadata, ensuring easy lookup and video categorization. Beam also allows users to annotate each session with notes — especially useful for documenting field simulations and other training exercises.


The recording of simulations in the field is extremely useful for instructors, as video review enables them to identify teaching strategies that are succeeding and to promote training programs that work.

Beam lets you record field simulations anytime and anywhere — offline mode records videos that will automatically sync with the server when you return, and live streaming lets authorized viewers to watch the field simulations in real-time, using nothing more than a simple browser.

Beam is available for iPad, iPad-Mini, and iPhone via the App Store, or you can learn more by contacting
us at sales@ipivs.com