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Product Features

HD Video & High Quality Audio

HD Video & High Quality Audio

Our software integrates with the latest IP camera technology. Observe in real-time or review recorded high definition video in 1080p resolution. Auto-gaining discrete microphones provide high-quality perfectly synchronized audio.



Tag specific points within a recording either during live observation or during the review process. These points can have searchable descriptions associated with them. These “markers” allow users to easily jump right to that point in the video, similar to chapters in a DVD.



Our systems are completely VM compatible, our hardware features server grade redundancy, and our software is architected using some of the most reliable components in the industry.

Camera Grouping

Camera Grouping

Group up to nine cameras or encoders together into a single room or view. Grouped cameras start recording together and also playback together in a synchronized fashion.

Video Solution for Courtroom Recording

Digital recording solutions have been adopted by ever-increasing numbers of courtrooms in order to record proceedings. Older, analog systems such as tape recorders are bulky, require large spaces for storage, and frequently produce low-quality video. Newer digital systems are often expensive and difficult to use.

Courtroom recording solutions from IVS utilize our inexpensive VALT video recording tool. VALT dispenses with the need to have space-consuming and pricey video equipment in each courtroom or hearing room. Instead, the video is stored on one central server that is fed by cameras and microphones mounted unobtrusively in the courtroom.

Digital Audio and Video Court Recording by VALT

Courtroom recording systems by VALT are extremely easy to install and to use. Video can be accessed by persons with proper authorizations using nothing more than a simple internet browser, such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Individual courtroom recordings are stamped with metadata, enabling quick lookup of a particular courtroom video recording session. Additionally, notes can be annotated to each session, providing subsequent viewers with any necessary information about the particular courtroom interaction during a session.

VALT courtroom recording equipment includes high definition IP camera technology, paired with auto-gaining microphones that eliminate unneeded background noise and hum. Combined they provide high-quality audio-video courtroom recordings. Multiple cameras, either fixed or movable, may be placed in each courtroom, allowing multiple camera angles to be viewed.

VALT equipment for recording courtroom proceedings can even be made mobile, using nothing more than an iPhone or an iPad. Video can be recorded using the smartphone or tablet and automatically synced with the main server when the operator returns to the courthouse. The iPad or iPhone can also be used connected to the server as a wireless camera/microphone combo while streaming the content live back to the server for management/archival purposes.

Courtroom Recording Software by VALT

VALT video for courtroom use is very affordable and easy to scale. Installations can encompass a single courtroom or a large building with many rooms. The VALT server can handle dozens of cameras simultaneously.

Our standard installation for digital courtroom recording features storage capacity for nearly 16,000 hours of high-definition video, although larger storage space is readily available. Administrators can alter settings to predetermine the length of time that video is maintained on the server.

The VALT courtroom video recording system is powerful, yet simple to learn and operate. Users can start and stop any recording session remotely, or by using buttons placed inside the courtroom itself. Our optional “talkback” feature allows remote viewers to communicate in real-time with anybody in the courtroom, using an overhead speaker or small IR enabled earbuds.

Despite being a high-tech courtroom video recording solution, VALT video minimizes demands on the network by employing h.264 compression and standard mp4 file formatting. This allows courtroom video recordings to be immediately available for viewing, with no delays due to video rendering or formatting.

Security of the VALT System for Courtroom Video Recording

All recorded VALT video uses user authentication, rights management, and encryption, ensuring only operators with proper access may use the application to observe and review courtroom proceedings.

Courts can opt for a complete turnkey solution from IVS, which could be implemented by an internal IT department, technology group, or by a third-party AV/IT integrator. IVS always works closely with each customer to ensure a fully successful VALT video installation. Contact IVS anytime to request a quote or to schedule a demonstration of the VALT system for courtroom recording.

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