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Product Features


HD PTZ Camera Support

Easily control HD pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras through our software interface. We can also create or jump to predefined positions called “presets” when our system is paired with PTZ enabled cameras.


Standard Video Format

The VALT software records video in a standard .MP4 format making it easy to save to a flash drive or burn to a DVD upon completion of a meeting or presentation. The video files can be played back on any computer without special software or codecs.



Built-in sharing tools allow users to easily share video with other user groups or individual users. Specific videos can be shared using direct URL access links. This feature can also be used to connect videos from our system to third-party software.


Full API

Our software comes with a full REST API allowing customers and resellers to extend the reach of our video platform.

VALT for Market and Corporate Training

Many companies now use video to augment and scale up corporate training programs, including such Fortune 500 companies like IBM and Microsoft. Several of the leading learning and development organizations in the world include digital video as a key component in the training of their own members.

Using video for corporate training lowers costs by reducing the need for live onsite training sessions eliminating expenditures related to travel and the creation of physical classrooms. Corporations use video in a variety of ways from training on new products to coaching to onboarding of employees. Key concepts from Bandura’s Social Learning Theory are that people learn from one another through observation, imitation, and modeling which can be easily done through the use of video and video training.

The VALT (Video Audio Learning Tool) system from IVS is an affordable, state-of-the-art video solution for company training requirements. Businesses can use VALT to create an extensive video library of training sessions which allow companies to enhance the onboarding process, make basic and required employee skills universally available, provide coaching for members of management, provide compliance training to employees, and to actually demonstrate how a service or product functions.

Employee Training Video Equipment by VALT

VALT uses top-end microphones and high-quality IP cameras to generate perfect video recordings of training sessions. Video content is uploaded to a central server and immediately available for viewing, with no time lag due to rendering or formatting. Any authorized user can access the stored library of video sessions using nothing more than a simple Internet browser — no special equipment is required.

The central server eliminates the need for extensive video equipment in any room, making VALT video is fully scalable to meet the needs of any sized company. The VALT video system for corporate training can support dozens of cameras and microphones simultaneously. A typical VALT installation contains storage for around 16,000 hours of video though requirements for more storage are easily met.

VALT cameras and software for recording employee training sessions are extremely easy to use and do not require specialized personnel to create video segments. The VALT system offers a broad range of both movable PTZ and fixed cameras. Combined with our auto-gain microphones that eliminate background hum and noise, VALT creates near-perfect video at a fraction of the cost of employing video professionals.

Software for Recording Company Training Sessions

The VALT software is easy to use — employees can access the database with any common device, such as a PC or tablet. When users record video training sessions the content is stamped with metadata and any notes the user would like to add, making organization and lookup simple.

To ensure that all recorded training videos are fully secure, VALT employs state-of-the-art encryption, user rights management, and authentication procedures so only those who have been granted access are allowed to record and view company training sessions.

VALT video can also be made mobile — our Beam mobile capture application enables companies to record employee training events away from the main installation. The video is recorded with the Beam app, using just a smartphone or tablet and when the operator returns to the main campus, the video is seamlessly integrated with the main VALT server.

IVS will happily provide a complete turnkey video training solution for companies of any size. IVS will also work with internal IT departments or third-party integrators to ensure a completely successful installation of the VALT video system. Contact us to request a quote or for a product demonstration.

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