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Product Features


Ease of Use

The VALT software is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Users are able to use the software with little to no software training or support.


Standard Video Format

The VALT software records video in a standard MP4 format. As soon as an interview is complete it is ready to be burned to DVD or saved to a flash drive, and the video files can be played back on any computer without special software or codecs.


Searchable Database

All of the videos are stored and managed by a built-in searchable database. Tag videos with data like employee name or interview type for easy lookup and review.



A built-in scheduler allows users to schedule recordings in advance or set up repeating schedules so the system automatically records the interview on the desired day(s) and time(s).

VALT for HR Interview Video Recording

A growing trend has seen organizations, companies, and HR departments using video to record job interviews, meetings with employees, and even recording disciplinary meetings and hearings. It is now commonplace to see companies using digital video for recording job interviews, performance reviews, and other meetings. The benefits are clear — interview room recording equipment creates an accurate record and can produce transcriptions that could be made available in the future to all participants.

The VALT system from IVS is an high-tech, yet affordable solution for recording Human Resources departments’ interviews and meetings. VALT uses state-of-the-art IP cameras, paired with top-end microphones, to create perfect video recordings of meetings. The VALT system employs a central server, eliminating the need for bulky audio video equipment in meeting rooms. The VALT system is able to support dozens of cameras and is extremely scalable, from small, one-room installations to company-wide deployments.

VALT Interview Room Video Equipment

VALT uses both fixed and movable pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras to obtain any desired angle during interview room video capture. Several cameras may be installed in the interview room to create multiple angles. Auto-gaining microphones remove background noise and hum, matching crisp video with great sound quality.

After recording HR interviews with VALT, the video is immediately available for viewing on the network. Deploying VALT for job interview video capture allows companies and organizations to maintain accurate transcriptions of the interview process, beneficial for accurately reviewing the process with various job candidates in the future. VALT video interview recording also provides the organization with protection against possible claims of illegal or inappropriate conduct during the interview process.

Recording Disciplinary Meetings and Interviews with VALT

Human Resources departments can also use video to record employee disciplinary or performance meetings. In such cases, having accurate video recording of meetings is essential for reviewing the process, which can be emotional or heated at times. Reviewing video recordings of employee meetings can help managers conduct a more accurate assessment. Utilizing HR department video equipment can also protect the organization against employee claims of misconduct or unfair treatment.

VALT Software for Interview Room Recording

VALT video is extremely easy to use, with no special equipment and little training required. Video can be accessed by any authorized person using nothing more than a common internet browser, such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox. A standard VALT installation has storage space for around 16,000 hours of high-quality video, with administrators able to adjust the settings to determine how long video segments are stored on the server.

VALT also features “talkback”, an optional feature that allows a viewer to communicate via microphone with the person who is conducting the meeting or interview, allowing for real-time communication from a remote location. VALT can also be made mobile, in order to record employee interviews off-site. Using our Beam mobile capture app, operators can conduct and record meetings at a distant location with a smartphone or tablet. When the operator returns, the video is synced with the main VALT server and instantly available on the network.

The VALT solution for recording HR interviews is fully secure — state of the art encryption, user rights management, and user authentications ensure only allowed persons can access and view interview room recordings. Contact us to request a quote or to schedule a product demonstration.

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