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Product Features


HD Video & High Quality Audio

Our software integrates with the latest IP camera technology. Observe in real-time or review recorded high definition video in 1080p resolution. Auto-gaining discrete microphones provide high-quality perfectly synchronized audio.


Searchable Database

All of the videos are stored and managed by a built-in searchable database. Tag videos with data such as student/patient name or therapy type for easy lookup and review.



A built-in scheduler allows users to schedule recordings in advance or set up repeating schedules so the system automatically records the treatment or simulation sessions on the desired days and times.


Security & Compliance

With comprehensive user management rights, a detailed audit log and optional encryption, our video solution offers some of the most advanced security features in the market. These built-in features can help maintain your clinics’ compliance standards (HIPAA/HITECH).

Learn more about our audio video recording solutions.

Video System for Occupational and Physical Therapy

Recording System for Occupational and Physical Therapy Training

Occupational and physical therapy training programs have benefited greatly from using video recording, enabling instructors and students alike to accurately review recorded sessions and conduct skills assessments.

The VALT video recording system for therapy training, built by Intelligent Video Solutions, offers an extremely user-friendly solution for recording physical therapy training sessions. Our affordable video capture system replaces bulky and out-of-date video systems and is much more powerful than contemporary DVR systems.

Physical Therapy versus Occupational Therapy?

Students and medical professionals can both reap huge benefits from using physical therapy technology such as video software to record physical and occupational therapy sessions, but what are the differences between the two?

Physical therapy is what most people think of — the physical rehabilitation of people recovering from disease or injury, often letting the patient avoid costly surgery.

Occupational therapy looks at the physical aspects of rehab to focus on enabling patients to engage in the meaningful activities of daily life as easily as possible. Occupational therapy emphasizes assisting patients over the long-term.

Therapy Training Assessment Video Systems by VALT

VALT (Video Audio Learning Tool) is a fully-integrated therapy supervision video application. Eliminating the need to house equipment in each clinical room, the VALT system routes and stores all data in a central server, which can handle dozens of individual cameras at the same time. Our state-of-the-art IP cameras are easy to install and set up in any classroom or lab, and both fixed and movable pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) clinical observation cameras are available.

Cameras are paired with auto-gaining microphones that eliminate background hum, ensuring all recorded therapy sessions boast perfect video and audio quality. Instructors and students can start and stop any recording session remotely, or by using small buttons mounted in the rooms themselves.

The VALT IP recorder for physical therapy training provides instant video, with no downtime due to rendering or formatting. Anybody with the proper permissions and access may view any video session with ease — all that is required is a common internet browser, such as Safari or Firefox, and a suitable device, like a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Advantages of VALT for Video Clinical Observation Software

VALT uses powerful video capture software for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy training assessment. The VALT video system scales easily, encompassing everything from small, single-room installations to university-wide recording systems. Demands on the local network are minimized, thanks to our video formatting and h.264 compression. A standard installation provides enough storage space for over 16,000 hours of high-definition video, though larger installations are easy to effect.
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Real-time Communication with Talkback Feature

Instructors may utilize our “talkback” feature, which allows real-time communication between observers and students using microphones and small earbuds. This tool permits instructors to observe, unseen, from a distance, yet provide up-to-the-minute feedback to students during their occupational or physical training sessions.


Control Over Stored Videos

Each video segment is assigned metadata, allowing instructors and students to locate any recorded physical therapy training session with ease. Authorized users have full control over stored video segments — 

Grupo 776 Alter settings

Grupo 776 Determine how long video is stored

Grupo 776 Annotate video clips with notes and other data.

security and settings

Security of the VALT Video Solution

VALT utilizes rigorous safeguards to protect video content so that only authorized persons may view or alter therapy training recordings.


Grupo 776 Cutting-edge Encryption

Grupo 776 User permissions

Grupo 776 Authentication.

HIPAA-Compliant Solutions for Physical and Occupational Therapy Training

Our video software is designed to meet the stringent requirements of HIPAA compliance, ensuring that patient data remains secure and confidential in physical therapy training. With centralized control that utilizes user permissions and the latest encryption technologies, our platform safeguards patient and student information against unauthorized access while maintaining a seamless and efficient workflow for physical therapy instructors and students.

For more detailed information on how video technology applies to compliance and security measures, please visit our compliance and security page.

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Mobile Video Capture for Physical and Occupational Therapy Training

Our Beam mobile video capture solution seamlessly supports off-site installations. For off-site video capture of physical therapy sessions, our easily portable IP cameras and microphones are set up and controlled from a smartphone or tablet, using our app. When the user returns to campus, the video is effortlessly integrated with the main server and immediately available for viewing.


How can audio/video recording enhance occupational and physical therapy training programs?

VALT audio/video recording systems allow instructors and students to review recorded therapy sessions and conduct skills assessments accurately. By capturing high-definition video and audio, we provide a detailed record of each session, enabling users to analyze techniques, monitor progress, and identify areas for improvement. This comprehensive documentation facilitates more effective teaching, learning, and evaluation in occupational and physical therapy programs.

What are the advantages of your audio/video system over traditional video recording equipment?

The VALT system is a fully integrated, user-friendly solution that replaces bulky, outdated audio/video systems and outperforms contemporary DVR systems. By routing and storing all data on a central server, we eliminate the need for equipment in each clinical room. Our state-of-the-art IP cameras are easy to install and set up, and they can be paired with auto-gaining microphones to ensure perfect video and audio quality. This streamlined approach saves space, reduces maintenance, and provides a more efficient and effective recording solution.

Can instructors provide real-time feedback to students during a recorded therapy session?

The VALT system includes a "talkback" feature that allows instructors to communicate with students in real-time using microphones and small earbuds. This tool enables instructors to observe sessions remotely and provide immediate feedback to students during their occupational or physical therapy training. By offering guidance and corrections in the moment, instructors can help students refine their techniques and enhance their learning experience.

How can educators and students access and view recorded therapy sessions?

Authorized users can access and view recorded sessions using any internet browser, such as Safari or Firefox, on a suitable device like a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Our system provides instant video with no downtime due to rendering or formatting. Users with the proper permissions can locate specific sessions using metadata tags, allowing for efficient retrieval and review of relevant content.

Can your audio/video recording system be used for off-site therapy training sessions?

Our Beam mobile video capture solution seamlessly supports off-site recording using a smartphone or tablet. . When the user returns to campus, the video is integrated with the main VALT server and immediately available for viewing. This feature allows for flexible and convenient recording of therapy sessions in various locations.

How does your audio/video system ensure the security and privacy of recorded therapy sessions?

At IVS, we prioritize the security and privacy of all recorded content. VALT supports stringent safeguards, including advanced encryption, user permissions, and user authentication. Only individuals with the necessary permissions and verified authentication can view or modify therapy training recordings. Our system helps maintain compliance with relevant privacy regulations, such as HIPAA, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected. We work closely with our customers to ensure a secure and compliant implementation of our video solution.