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HD Video & High Quality Audio

Our software integrates with the latest IP camera technology. Observe in real-time or review recorded high definition video in 1080p resolution. Auto-gaining discrete microphones provide high-quality perfectly synchronized audio, great for picking up soft voices.

Searchable Database

All of the videos are stored and managed by a built-in searchable database. Tag videos with data such as student/patient name or therapy type for easy lookup and review.


Instructors can talkback into any room to provide live feedback using our browser based software client. On the other end the clinician typically wears a small earpiece.

Security & Compliance

With comprehensive user management rights, a detailed audit log and optional encryption, our video solution offers some of the most advanced security features in the market. These built-in features can help maintain your clinics’ compliance standards (HIPAA/HITECH).

Video System for Speech Therapy

Using video has been shown to dramatically improve the ability to teach and educate students studying communication disorders, especially in simulation environments and clinical skills labs.

Communication disorder clinical training has increasingly employed video observation and recording solutions in higher education speech and language clinics, with great success in improving the ability to educate and teach clinical pathology students.

Despite the widespread increase in the recording of speech therapy sessions as an educational instrument, most of the technologies employed are unequal to the task. Most of our video installations in this field end up replacing older, analog technology which is very limited in its capabilities and often difficult to maintain and support. The VALT system has become one of the industry’s foremost speech pathology recording systems.

What is VALT?

The VALT (Video Audio Learning Tool) solution is a feature-rich and extremely reliable third-generation audio and video system, built specifically for higher clinical video recording and higher education applications. The IVS team has over 15 years of experience installing video solutions for communicative disorder clinical training.

Speech Language Pathology

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Psychology Training

Click on the play button to find out how USC is leveraging VALT to record student/patient psychology sessions.  Learn More >

The VALT Solution for Clinical Recording

The VALT solution from Intelligent Video Solutions is perfect for recording speech therapy sessions. It employs an innovative and easy to use software application that helps clinical speech pathology and audiology programs utilize video to increase the quality and effectiveness of their educational programs. Using affordable IP camera technology, the VALT solution is widely used for speech therapy training.

Our VALT video recording and observation software has been built from the ground up using state-of-the-art high definition network camera technology. Our customers in this space not only benefit from our easy to use software but also see a dramatic improvement in the quality of the audio and video content.

Benefits of Using the VALT System to Record Speech Therapy Sessions

Once installed, VALT dramatically improves the user experience by freeing up both faculty and students to view live and recorded video on any part of the network for which they have permissions. Departments are able to reclaim physical space that otherwise was dedicated to equipment or often underutilized physical observation areas. The Beam app from IVS even makes VALT completely portable, turning your phone or tablet into a mobile device to record SLP sessions remotely.

Many speech and language clinics are using the built-in scheduler feature of the software, which allows users to pre-enter their clinic schedules into the system, enabling VALT to begin recording speech and language clinical sessions automatically and stop at the time indicated by the user. All video recording sessions are tagged with “session data” which assists in categorization and allows users to locate any individual session with ease.

Video Storage with the VALT System

IVS ships our software with a Linux network video appliance (server) which includes video storage. Our typical appliance ships with 16TB of storage and provides users with approximately 16,000 hours of high-quality video storage. Several different server options are available depending upon the unique needs of each customer. In addition, multiple servers may be configured to work together to support hundreds of cameras and users. Typically, video servers are placed in a data center, network closet or a “control room” inside of the clinic.

Equipment Used for Speech Therapy Training

In a typical clinical installation, high-quality 1080p PTZ IP cameras (Axis P3375) are wall-mounted in the clinic room where the sessions take place. Most setups also combine high-quality microphones with the camera system. Audio equipment is powered by the PoE network drop, which simplifies the installation and makes the entire system more reliable and easier to support.

Multiple cameras may be placed in the same room and grouped together so that recording and playback of the video is fully synchronized.

Additionally, an optional feature of the system is “talkback”. Talkback allows an instructor to remotely coach or assist a student clinician through their PC or Mac headset or built in microphone. The instructor simply talks into their microphone which is connected to their workstation and the audio is transmitted over the network to an earbud the student is wearing. Talkback is a powerful tool of the therapy observation system, giving the instructor the ability to talk to the student in real-time without interrupting the session.

Customers also have the option of procuring a turnkey solution from IVS, which can be installed by their own internal IT department, classroom technology group, or through a third party AV/IT integrator. In each case, IVS works with the customer to ensure a completely successful implementation of Valt.

The lineup of easy to install VALT video products from IVS includes both fixed-room installations and mobile field recording applications. We encourage you to request a quote or ask for a product demonstration.

Security of the VALT System

Many of our customers must comply with HIPAA, the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act. VALT helps keeps all video content secure through our extensive user permission and rights management structure, video encryption, and user authentication features.

Our VALT video solutions have been deployed in numerous higher education Communication Sciences Disorders (CSD) Clinics. Our customers include Texas Woman’s University, the University of Georgia, Northwestern University, Brigham Young University, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Buffalo State University and many more. IVS participates yearly in the Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CAPCSD) and is a proud sponsor.

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