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HD PTZ Camera Support

Easily control HD pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras through our software interface. We can also create or jump to predefined positions called “presets” when our system is paired with PTZ enabled cameras.

Standard Video Format

The VALT software records video in a standard MP4 format. As soon as the meeting is complete it is ready to be burned to DVD or saved to a flash drive, and the video files can be played back on any computer without special software or codecs.


A built-in scheduler allows users to schedule recordings in advance or set up repeating schedules so the system automatically records the meeting(s) on the desired days and times.


Built-in sharing tools allow users to easily share video with groups or other individual users. Share specific videos as direct URL access links. This can also be used to connect videos from our system to third-party software.

Recording Solutions for City Council Meetings

There has been a surge in the number of municipalities that use video to record meetings of city council chambers. The benefits of city chambers video capture are enormous — video serves as an accurate record and transcription of the meeting and is a wonderful public outreach tool. Many large cities provide city council meeting recorded videos directly to the public online.

VALT video from IVS is an inexpensive and user-friendly video system for cities and counties to record chambers meetings, councils, and special sessions. Once installed, VALT requires no special expertise to operate. Video is recorded in standard .mp4 format, making it easily viewable by members or by the public with no special equipment required. Recorded city council sessions can be viewed by anyone with access using nothing more than a common Internet browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

VALT Video Equipment for City Council Meetings

VALT uses state-of-the-art IP cameras and auto-gaining microphones that eliminate background noise and hum, creating top-quality audio and video. Our line of IP cameras offer both fixed and movable PTZ cameras that can be installed anywhere, and multiple cameras can be placed in the council chambers in order to provide viewing from many angles.

All video and audio are fed to a central server, removing the requirement for bulky video equipment in each council room. All that is required in each room are the cameras and microphones, both of which are unobtrusive and easy to install or move. A button may also be mounted in the room that allows the operator to start and stop the video at any time. A remote operator may also start and stop city council chambers video recordings.

VALT Recording Software for Council Chambers Meetings

A standard VALT installation for city council recording use contains storage for around 16,000 hours of high-definition digital video, though larger installations may be purchased. Video segments can be annotated with notes and are tagged with metadata, making it easy for a user to look up a particular session. No special viewing equipment is required — people can view video from any common device type using a simple Internet browser.

VALT video uses h.264 compression, minimizing demands on the internal network. Additionally, there is no lag time due to video rendering or formatting, meaning recorded video is immediately available for viewing on the network. For municipalities that post recorded council meetings online, being able to immediately view the council proceedings is a great feature for the public.

Another useful tool for council chambers meeting recording is our Beam mobile capture application. This feature allows an institution to set up our extremely portable VALT cameras and microphones off-site and record the proceedings with a tablet or smartphone. When the operator returns to the main server, the video is automatically uploaded and synced.

Municipalities can opt for a complete turnkey solution from IVS, which can be implemented by any internal IT department, or by a third-party integrator. IVS works closely with every customer to ensure a fully successful installation of the VALT video system. Contact IVS to request a quote or to schedule a product demonstration.

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