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HD Cameras & High Quality Audio

Our software integrates with the latest IP camera technology. Observe in real-time or review recorded high definition video in 1080p resolution. Auto-gaining discrete microphones provide high-quality perfectly synchronized audio.

LDAP Integration

Automatically import LDAP users into the system and assign them to the proper VALT user group. This allows users to use their same network login information to access our system.


Use VALT with one camera or hundreds of cameras. VALT can handle unlimited users and programs. Put it to work in one department or throughout your entire system, while managing costs and simplifying support and maintenance. 

Security & Compliance

With comprehensive user management rights, a detailed audit log and optional encryption, our video solution offers some of the most advanced security features in the market. These built-in features can help maintain compliance standards (HIPAA/HITECH).

Video Recording for Behavioral Sciences Training

Hands-on training with patients in a lab or simulation setting is an important part of preparation to work in the field of behavioral science. Many universities now employ digital video to capture behavioral science training sessions, allowing students and instructors to accurately review and critique performance.

Digital video lets you capture every aspect of the training from multiple angles, assuring that nothing is missed. Recording behavioral science labs with video gives you more accurate analysis and lets students observe their own performances from the outside.

Using Video to Help Train to Teach Different Types of Disorders

Behavioral disorders differ from physical disorders and are generally harder to identify. There are five general categories of behavioral disorder:

Emotional behavior disorders (Examples:  depression and eating disorders)

Anxiety disorders (Examples:  panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder)

Disruptive behavior disorders (Examples:  conduct disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).)

Pervasive development disorders (Examples:  autism and Asperger’s syndrome)

Depending on the program’s focus, students may study a narrow range of behavioral disorders, or a wider, general view. Regardless of the focus of the program, using video to record behavioral sciences training is a powerful tool for student skills development.

Video Recording Equipment for Behavioral Sciences Education

IVS offers VALT — a recording solution for campuses to record behavioral science simulations. Our software architecture is very scalable. It is designed so a single software instance can support an unlimited number of cameras/users/departments while keeping all of the unique data and video completely segmented. Video can be started and stopped from within the room itself, via a built-in scheduler application or by a remote observer who is viewing the training in real-time.

VALT uses a central server to store all video content and installation is simple — you only have to set up IP cameras and audio equipment in the therapy/simulation rooms. IP cameras are paired with high-quality auto-gaining microphones that help eliminate any background noise.

The cameras can be easily adjusted to record any viewing angle and can be both fixed or moveable; many cameras can also be set up in the same room to capture behavioral science interactions from different viewing angles.

A standard web browser is all that is needed to review recorded behavioral science training. A typical VALT installation holds storage space for nearly 20,000 hours of high-definition video, though larger installs are available if needed. Each session is tagged with metadata, making it easy to look up individual video sessions, and session tagging makes it easy to build an expansive video library of simulation recordings, readily available for future training.

VALT Software for Behavioral Science Training

Our video solution for behavior health therapy and simulation training is rendered in standard .MP4 format and uses h.264 compression, minimizing demands on the network. Zero lag time means that your recorded video is immediately available for viewing.

The VALT video software supports a feature known as “talkback”, which lets remote observers speak to the session organizers or participants in real-time. “Talkback” is particularly useful when instructors want to convey information to the students in the behavioral simulation without physically interrupting the session.

Off-Campus Recording of Behavioral Sciences Education

Our new Beam mobile capture app turns your smartphone or tablet into a mobile recording platform, letting you record behavioral science training away from campus — with no equipment setup required. Video recorded with Beam is encrypted and automatically syncs with the main VALT server, instantly adding your remotely-recorded training simulation to your digital video library.

IVS can provide a complete turnkey solution that can be implemented by any university IT department or by a third-party integrator. IVS works closely with every customer to ensure a successful installation of the VALT digital video system. Contact us at IVS to schedule a product demonstration or to request a quote.

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