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Product Features


Ease of Use

The VALT video system can be learned in just minutes and utilizes a browser-based client, so no software or plug-ins are required.


Security & Permissions

VALT ensures the security of your videos and data through encryption processes, LDAP integration, extensive user permissions and rights, group containers, user access control, and a robust audit trail.


Hardware Architecture

Most competing solutions are going to require additional hardware per room (PC, server, or encoder) in addition to cameras. Thanks to VALT’s unique hardware architecture, this is not required.


Low Latency

HD video and audio content can be streamed in near real-time to students on campus.

Live Classroom Streaming

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many higher education institutions have looked for new ways to educate their students without filling rooms and lecture halls to capacity.

One method many institutions have begun to implement is live classroom streaming.

With live classroom streaming, educators can reach hundreds of students at once with just a camera and microphone. This flexibility grants educators the power to choose how many students can be in a classroom without sacrificing the education of those students who remain at home.

VALT Video System for Hybrid Classrooms

Whether your college or university is fully remote or follows the hybrid classroom model where a portion of students attend live lectures and labs while others can watch along at home, the VALT video system provides your institution with the tools you need to get the job done.

VALT is a simple to use turnkey video system that both educators and students can learn in minutes. It provides low-latency live video to ensure a near real-time streaming experience with almost no delay. Video and audio streams in HD quality to ensure students receive as close to an in-person learning experience as possible.

While other video systems require additional pieces of hardware in a recording room such as encoders, PCs, or even entire servers, VALT does not. VALT also utilizes a browser-based client, so no software or plug-ins are required.

Due to VALT’s unique architecture, you can scale to any number of cameras and users all while incurring no per client license structures or budget-crushing annual maintenance contracts.

Streaming System for your Hyflex Classroom

Security is a major factor of the VALT platform. VALT provides multiple technologies to assist with this including: data and video encryption, LDAP integration, extensive user permissions and rights, group containers, user access control, and a robust audit trail.

The user permissions structure and audit trail allow administrators to track every view and share of a video. This provides administrators with full transparency of video interaction and distribution.

Ensuring that live streams can only be accessed by authorized students may be challenging with other solutions, however, it’s a breeze with VALT’s LDAP integration. Completely automate the user management process by automatically importing LDAP users into the system. Users keep their same network login information to access our system while being assigned to the proper VALT user group.

Live Streaming with a Distance Learning Platform

Although the VALT video system may be simple to learn and use, it’s jam-packed full of powerful features that will improve quality of life and take an educator’s online education to the next level.

A built-in scheduler allows educators to set up recordings in advance to ensure class time is spent teaching and not managing streaming services. The schedule can be configured to automatically recur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis allowing for complete automation of the streaming and recording process.

Every recorded video allows educators to tag specific points, create notes and annotate during live recordings or reviewing previously recorded videos. All information is completely searchable allowing educators to easily identify the specific content they are searching for and quickly play back the video.

Administrators and educators can evaluate and grade the performance of their students through the use of customizable forms. Transform any existing assessment or evaluation form into real-time data fields captured alongside your VALT video. Data can be scored, searched, and exported.

IVS can provide a complete turnkey solution that can be implemented by any internal IT department or by a third-party integrator. IVS works closely with every customer to ensure a successful installation of the VALT digital video system. Contact us at IVS to schedule a product demonstration or to request a quote.

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