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Product Features


Searchable Database

  • Associated customizable searchable information is tagged with your recordings. Our software allows companies to build a searchable video database of all collaborated work.
  • Tag specific points within a recording either during live observation or during the review process. These “markers” allow users to easily jump right to that point in the video similar to chapters in a DVD.
Monitor & Schedule

Monitor & Schedule

  • A built-in scheduler allows companies to schedule collaborative space recordings in advance. The schedule can be set to automatically recur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis allowing for complete automation of the recording process.
  • Users are able to observe up to nine different rooms simultaneously.


  • Our system has been designed with sensitive recording data in mind and as a result our granular customizable user permission structure fits the unique and challenging needs of all our customers.
  • Our system allows for both full SSL web traffic encryption as well as RTMPS video stream encryption. These security methods are often a compliance requirement in regards to sensitive data.

Multi-Device Support

  • Our software integrates with the full line of Axis IP cameras.
  • Use our client to turn any iOS device into a secure mobile capture and live streaming platform. Any device running our Beam application can integrate seamlessly with our back end VALT server.
  • Control pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras remotely through the software interface. Users can also tie camera presets to scheduled recordings automating the movement of cameras.

VALT Video Solutions for Collaboration Workspaces

A collaborative workspace (or collaboration space) is an inter-connected work environment in which all the team members in dispersed locations can use video to access and interact with each other just as if they were working inside a single entity. Groupware and electronic communications are a huge part of the collaborative work model, allowing teams to overcome the difficulties of time and space.

Using video to record collaborative spaces is perfect for uniting your teams, increasing shared knowledge and productivity. Video segments are shared among all team members and a digital library can be built, allowing members to reference any previously recorded session. Video also lets your teams share recorded meetings and presentations without having to be in the same physical location.

The VALT (Video Audio Learning Tool) system from IVS is an affordable, state-of-the-art video solution for companies and startups that use collaboration workspaces. Valt lets you remotely record collaborative work, training sessions, and meetings, and the video is instantly available on the secured network for any team member to access. The VALT system can handle dozens of workspaces simultaneously, bringing together your work teams from all over the globe. 

Collaboration Space Video Equipment by VALT

VALT uses a powerful central server to assemble all collaboration space recordings. Recordings are immediately available for viewing by any authorized person, using a simple internet browser — no special viewing equipment or software is needed.

Both PTZ and fixed cameras are available to install in your workspaces — the cameras and paired microphones are extremely portable, allowing you to set up new recording configurations in minutes. VALT creates top-quality video at a small fraction of the cost of hiring video professionals or using other recording equipment. VALT software also integrates with HDMI/VGA/DVI encoders — a great way to capture collaborative software interactions that are done on a computer or on a tablet while synchronizing that device’s screen with the video cameras.

Video Software for Recording Collaborative Workspaces

The VALT video software is extremely easy — authorized users can access the database with any common device, such as a PC or tablet. Recorded collaboration work sessions are stamped with metadata and can be annotated with notes, making categorization and recall easy as well.

To ensure that all recorded sessions are fully secure, VALT uses state-of-the-art encryption, user rights management, and authentication procedures to allow only those with access to view and record collaborative space work.

Mobile Collaboration Workspace Recording Solution

IVS also offers a great tool for collaborative workgroups to quickly and easily set up shop anywhere — our Beam mobile capture application. Beam lets you record at any location, making it into a collaborative workspace — even if it is far away from your main facility. Beam is an app that turns your phone or tablet into a synced mobile video recorder. Video recorded with beam is instantly piped to the main VALT server and joins the existing video library. 

The central server eliminates the need for extensive video equipment in any room, making VALT video fully scalable to meet the needs of any sized company or organization. Our VALT video system for collaborative spaces can support dozens of cameras and microphones simultaneously. A typical VALT installation contains storage for nearly 20,000 hours of video, and if needed additional storage can be added.

IVS will happily provide a complete turnkey video training solution for companies of any size. IVS will also work with internal IT departments or third-party integrators to ensure a completely successful installation of VALT video. Contact us to request a quote or for a product demonstration.

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