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HD Video & High Quality Audio

Our software integrates with the latest IP camera technology. Observe in real-time or review recorded high definition video in 1080p resolution. Auto-gaining discrete microphones provide high quality perfectly synchronized audio, great for picking up soft voices.

Searchable Database

All of the videos are stored and managed by a built-in searchable database. Tag videos with data such as student/patient name for easy lookup and review.


Tag specific points within a recording either during live observation or during the review process. These points can have searchable descriptions associated with them and are great for debriefing. These “markers” allow users to easily jump right to that point in the video, similar to chapters in a DVD.

Security & Compliance

With comprehensive user management rights, a detailed audit log and optional encryption our video solution offers some of the most advanced security features in the market. These built in features can help maintain your compliance standards (HIPAA/HITECH).

Recording Solution for Dental Education

Dentistry is a growing field in the branch of medicine that features a wide range of specialties including orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, oral and maxillofacial pathology, and of course general dentistry. Although the dental world contains many offshoots and choices, one common characteristic is the importance of a well-rounded and comprehensive education and training.

As many forms of education technology continue to develop and become more affordable, so do the options and possibilities when it comes to providing new and innovative ways to educate our dentists of tomorrow. One new way dental educators are helping their students is by using video recording and observation.


Recording Dental Trainings

As a dental educator, reviewing your students’ performances during clinical trainings can be the most difficult part. Taking notes while also watching your student perform is no easy task and even if you do catch everything your student does, memories can be fallible when it comes time to put your thoughts on paper and lead a review or debriefing. In addition, simply telling your student what they did right or wrong in a clinical setting can only help them so much. However, by having a student watch their recorded performance and showing them exactly what they did right or wrong can help immensely with knowledge and skill retention.


OSCE for Dental Education

While the most obvious use of a video system for dentistry is education, it has many additional uses as well. For example, OSCEs (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations) generally rely on video observation and recording. First developed to assess the clinical competence of medical students, OSCEs have been used widely as an assessment method for disciplines such as nursing, pre-clinical subjects and dentistry. They help measure the diagnosis, treatment planning, and related clinical judgment skills of licensure candidates.

To properly evaluate a student taking an OSCE, it is important to remain as objective as possible and the best way to do that is to not be forced to evaluate in the heat of the moment or off memory alone.

Studies have shown that real-time evaluation and video reviews tend to produce a significant difference in evaluations and ultimately pass/fail determinations. By utilizing video recording for student examinations, an educator has the best opportunity to remain as objective and impartial as possible and provide a student with the best possible evaluation.

VALT Recording System for Dental Education

The VALT video recording and observation platform was designed to provide an easy-to-use video solution for programs such as dentistry.

The VALT solution is an incredibly simple but powerful tool that can be learned in minutes. Basic observation and recording tasks are often picked up intuitively without the need for any extensive training or technical support. Our interface minimizes complexity and points of failure so that your recording system is always there when you need it for critical educational tasks.

Deployment is also a breeze while maintaining enterprise-level features. VALT utilizes a browser-based client, so no software or plug-ins are required. Our user management and security/permission structure make it easy to keep video segmented by departments or ensure sensitive patient data is always secured. With VALT you can scale to any number of cameras and users all while incurring no per client license structures or budget-crushing annual maintenance contracts.

VALT provides both on-site and mobile solutions for the recording of dental education sessions. Multiple cameras may be grouped in rooms and synchronized together. In cases where an off-site application is required, such as for recording at a remote clinic or office, our new IVS Beam application allows users to capture sessions using an iPad. Beam enables users to record sessions remotely and automatically syncs the video with the VALT server when the user returns.

VALT has been specifically designed for use with high-definition network cameras. Customers can choose from a broad range of high-definition pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and fixed cameras. The cameras are combined with high-quality microphones and audio equipment which provide a high-definition audio and video experience.


Video Security for Dental Education Recording

The VALT video software provides all necessary user rights management, encryption, network architecture, and authentication required to make all clinical video content fully secure. Video sessions are available only to those who possess the necessary permissions.

With comprehensive user management rights, a detailed audit log and optional encryption, our video solution offers some of the most advanced security features in the market. These built-in features can help maintain compliance standards (HIPAA/HITECH).

Our system has been designed from the ground up with sensitive recording data in mind and as a result our granular customizable user permission structure fits the unique and challenging needs of our customers.

Our system allows for both full SSL web traffic encryption as well as RTMPS video stream encryption. These security methods are often a compliance requirement in regards to sensitive data.

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