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Free Multiple Video File Synchronized Stand Alone Player 

The VALT Player (also referred to as IVSDesktopPlayer.exe) is a freeware application that was designed to work with our flagship VALT video recording, observation and management software. Our VALT application is capable of recording multiple camera angles of the same interaction simultaneously, the integrated player allows users to playback these multi-camera recordings in a synchronized fashion. The VALT Player is typically used in conjunction with our VALT Video Recording, Observation and Management software to review this content in a synchronized fashion when it has been downloaded or moved off of the VALT Server appliance.

VALT Multi-Video Player is a small application with powerful features. As its name indicates, you can use the free video player to play up to nine video files simultaneously. The lightweight software can be used to independently to play back multiple MP4 videos as it is a stand-alone video player.

Playing multiple videos at the same time may be necessary in a number of situations. For example, you may have several videos of the same scene that were taken at different angles. Viewing all of them simultaneously will give you a better perspective. The cross-platform application makes it easy to synchronize all the videos you play simultaneously. You will use one slide bar to control all the videos you have loaded. However, this does not mean you will have to deal with an irritating mix of audio from all the files.

The intuitive application only plays the audio associated with the first video you load. This video appears on the uppermost left part of the video pane. The first video is controlled by alphabetical order. The digital zoom feature allows you to zoom in on a given video or even a specific part of a video for better viewing of the details, and you do this during playback. The respective buttons for zooming in and out are on the upper part of the application window. VALT Multi-Video Player is compatible with all types of MP4 video files.

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Synchronized Playback

Playback up to 9 video files simultaneously with a single slider control.

Digital Zoom

Easily digitally zoom into a specific area within the video during playback

File Support

Our player supports any .mp4 format video file

Cross Platform Compatible

Our player will run on both Windows (.exe) or Mac (.air) operating systems. See downloads below.