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Introducing Beam
Intelligent Video Solutions already features some of the industry’s best video observation and capture software with our Valt system, but did you know you can take Valt with you, wherever you go?

Secure Video Recording

Beam communicates with the central server over a secure, encrypted channel.

Valt Server Integration

Interviews recorded with Beam are automatically integrated with the Valt server and instantly available in your video library. 

Multi-Device Support

Beam can be installed on any iOS device, including iPads and iPhones.


Beam is as portable as your device, letting you record mobile video anywhere, at any time. 

The Beam app from IVS turns any iPhone or iPad into a secure mobile recording platform. Operators can capture video anywhere, at any time, and the video is then uploaded directly to a Valt server, helping maintain both compliance and security standards.


What is the Beam App from IVS?

The Beam application makes iPhone video capture and management simple. For example, users can conduct field interviews, off-site HR documentation, and customer interviews with ease.  Not only does Beam allow users to record off-site and in offline mode, live video streaming with Valt is also available. Beam is designed to automate mobile video management, with users able to manage all stored videos and automatic user authentication and sync via the Valt server.

Recording Interviews On-the-Go with Beam



Beam turns any iOS device into a securely connected recording portal. Many companies and organizations use mobile video capture, but Beam takes it to the next level of convenience — anybody with a Beam-equipped device is ready to capture interviews, content, and other footage at a moment’s notice. Beam ensures proper security of the video content, user permissions, and seamless integration with the Valt server. Descriptive metadata is also beamed direct to the server, enabling easy video lookup and categorization.


Beam is a powerful tool to enable organizations to quickly record field interviews, conduct customer research on the fly, and to record mobile interviews for HR departments. Additionally, to enhance the recording power of the Beam app, IVS can create custom kits, containing hand-picked accessories to enhance the audio-visual recording experience and to surmount any recording challenge.

Beam is available for iPad, iPad-Mini, and iPhone via the App Store, or you can learn more by contacting
us at sales@ipivs.com