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  • Our system is designed with sensitive recording data in mind. As a result our granular customizable user permission structure is designed to fit the unique and challenging needs of our customers..
  • Our system allows for both full SSL web traffic encryption as well as RTMPS video stream encryption. These security methods are often a requirement when dealing with compliance in regards to sensitive data.

Searchable Database

  • Customizable and searchable information is associated with your recordings. Our software allows counseling trainers to build a searchable video database.
  • Tag specific points within a recording either during live observation or during the review process. These “markers” allow users to easily jump right to that point in the video, similar to chapters in a DVD.

Multi-Device Support

  • Our software integrates with the full line of Axis IP cameras.
  • Use our client to turn any iOS device into a secure mobile capture and live streaming platform. Any device running our Valt MC application can integrate seamlessly with our back end Valt server(s).
  • Control pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras remotely through the software interface. Users can also tie camera presets to scheduled recordings automating the movement of cameras.

Monitor and Schedule

  • This feature allows users to schedule recordings in advance. The schedule can be set to automatically recur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis allowing for complete automation of the recording process.
  • Users are able to observe up to nine different rooms simultaneously.

Recording Solutions for Higher Education

Universities and colleges have begun using digital video systems to enhance the learning process. Video use has become so prolific that many colleges even specify video submissions as an integral part of the application process. Institutions of higher learning employ video for a broad range of tasks, such as classroom capture, as a training room recording system, recording student oral presentations, recording faculty training sessions, or to create a video library for staff training.

The Valt digital video capture and supervision tool from IVS is an inexpensive solution for universities looking to expand their use of digital video. The Valt system employs a central server and is fully scalable. Able to support dozens of cameras and microphones, Valt video can be used anywhere from a single training lab to campus-wide deployments.

Valt used as a Clinical Skills Training and Assessment Tool

Clinical skills training is an essential part of many clinical educational programs. Valt (Video Audio Learning Tool) helps increase patient satisfaction through the optimization of staff resources and by accelerating the care provided by student clinicians. Students learn at a faster rate as instructors are able to provide better coaching and analysis of the work and are able to view “best use” examples from the video library. Student progress is validated and documented via the video library which allows for staff members to share progress and gain insight from fellow staff members quickly and easily. The IVS solution incorporates the latest technologies in video observation and capture, making it attractive to students who are seeking out programs that have access to the best technology.

Staff members are able to do more with less with the ability to observe live sessions and video recordings from their desktop or laptop computer. Since sessions can be viewed from any locations on the network, observations rooms may be converted into additional therapy rooms. The Valt solution brings everything to the network providing a flexible solution with less hardware and fewer physical connections which can lower acquisition and support costs.

Valt Classroom Video Equipment

The Valt system is easy to install and unobtrusive. Video is all stored on a central server with storage for over 15,000 hours of high-quality digital video, eliminating the need for storage equipment in each classroom. Video is fed to the server by any number of high-end IP cameras which are paired with auto-gaining microphones. A number of cameras may be placed in any given classroom, to provide multiple viewing angles when reviewing and recording classroom activities.

Whether you are using Valt to record student lectures, as a faculty training aid, or as a video recording system for experiential learning activities, Valt video is powerful, yet extremely easy to use, with little training required. Any authorized person can observe live video or record video segments using nothing more than a common Internet browser — no specialized viewing equipment is required. Video is tagged with metadata and can be annotated with notes, ensuring that future viewers can locate video quickly.

Valt AV Capture Software

Our standard installation for university use holds around 16,000 hours of digital video, although larger installations are easy to effect. Administrators can alter settings that determine how long video segments are maintained on the server, and who has access. A university, for example, could create a digital video library of staff training sessions and a separate library of recorded student presentations, with separate authorization required to access to each video library.

Valt video can even be set up remotely, for off-site classroom capture, or to record meetings or training events off of campus. The Valt Beam (mobile capture & streaming) application allows colleges and universities to set up Valt camera and microphone pairings off site, record the event with a smartphone or tablet, and automatically sync the video when the operator returns to campus. The Valt cameras and microphones are extremely portable and simple to detach from their mountings and move off-site.

The Valt video solution for universities is fully secured — state of the art encryption, user rights management, and user authentications allow only authorized persons to access and view the contents of the video library.

Universities can opt for a complete turnkey solution from IVS, which can be implemented by any campus IT department, or an outside third-party. IVS works closely with every university to ensure a fully successful installation of Valt video.

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