Intelligent Video Solutions
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  • Simplify Observation

    An inherent need within organizations is to simplify how we observe live activity without being there in person. People need a simple way to “look in” and remotely observe their team, even communicate back if needed, while they are training, meeting or conducting critical interviews.

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  • Record with Intelligence

    Recording and capturing video has always been somewhat straightforward from a technology perspective. However, making the technology fit into organizational “workflow” and managing the content can be a difficult if not a daunting task. 

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  • Review and Manage

    Since our team began building video recording tools in 2001 one of key requirements was making it extremely simple for users to find, manage and secure their content. Users are able to search for content using a simplified single search box.

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As a team we have been delivering video solutions to customers for over 20 years. We are driven by excellence and our goal is to deliver to our customer the best overall experience on the planet when it comes to sourcing installing and supporting IP video solutions.
“Our new video observations system is working great! The supervisors love it, and it has been easy for everyone to learn how to use. IVS did a fabulous job with our installation and training.”

- Carol Ann Raymond
Director, Speech and Hearing Clinic